About Us

Mission Statement

To simplify managed print for small to medium businesses to enable them to focus on what is important.

How it works

We partner with serviced offices and businesses to provide a simple solution for the growing communities of small and medium businesses. If your serviced office or business is part of our program you can log in to our supply room and order what you need and have it delivered the next day*.

What can we offer you?

Our background is graphic design and printing, We understand how important having high quality prints readily available can be mission critical and if they are not of a high standard can reflect poorly on your company and brand you are developing. We provide your estate or business with printers tailored to your needs and you manage how often you refill your cartridges.

How is this different from a MPS (Managed Print Service)?

Managed print services are great for large companies with infrastructure but are not suitable for managed offices where tenants are changing constantly or small to medium business where cash flow is limited.


*Ordered before 3pm.